I’m advancing rage to a new level. My new movement is called “OCCUPY!” (That is such a weird word when you type it).

There are only a few rules with OCCUPY!

  1. The first rule of OCCUPY! is that we don’t talk about OCCUPY!; seriously, it’s more effective if you don’t name the source of your rage
  2. It has to be in ALL CAPS to be brand compliant and look sufficiently angry
  3. OCCUPY! has its own international hand gesture — the fang; deflate your air quotes and you have the fang; actual teeth baring is optional but applauded
  4. When something is OCCUPY!-worthy, you scream “OCCUPY!” with the appropriate amount of fanging (as a guide DMV trips = 1 minute of intense fanging)
  5. It is highly desirable to unseat another Occupants, which are by definition worthy of loathing and derision and should be objects of OCCUPY! themselves
Now that you’re clear on the rules go work yourself into a frenzy about something–anything!  OCCUPY!

1 thought on “OCCUPY!

  1. Just like fight club Barbie! If you don’t yell OCCUPY to me next time we see each other, I’ll be hurt!

    And REALLY sometimes you just have to SAY what needs to be SAID!

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