Honor Blog

I’ve been shamed into it. My good friend, Tall Curly Biscuit, and I were discussing our blogs the other night. She said she’d never read mine, which is understandable because I’d never actually publicized it. She gave me that look that said, “An unread blog is just a sad diary and the precursor to living with 23 cats and cyber-stalking Tom Selleck.” Point taken.

So, here it is, my alter-blog. I get to blog for work on all manners of things remotely related to a productive life, but here is where you get the grit, the raw wrigglings of uncensored thought. The mental spew, if you will. Not sure I would.

For those of you who wait in anticipation of my preferred medium: the annual Christmas letter, I’ll try to be good about sharing my particular brand of crazy often and unfiltered.

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