Milhizers in Europe 2013

Follow us on our journey to 3 of my all-time favorite cities. I had the great experience of living and studying in Munich my junior year of college. I have not been back to these cities in 20 years. So, it seemed like the perfect opportunity when the boys complained they were not invited to our trip to Turkey 2 years ago. It was dubbed the Mozart/Castle/Beer Tour. Something for everyone! Here’s how the trip rated for each of its intrepid travelers:

Barbara: Still amazing cities. Even better on a post-college travel budget. Can still rock the German and the chocolate croissant.

Eric: Beer. Pretzels. Milka Bars. He’s in.

Gus: Museums, concerts, subways! Already knows 30 useful phrases in Czech and is deciding where to be an exchange student first.

Nate: Walked those little legs everywhere with little complaint.  Thumbs up.

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