Report Card: Milhizer 2014

This year’s assessment reflects our performance normalized against state success standards and improvement over 2013 benchmarks.

Business: A

Eric left T-Mobile in August to become head of marketing for Sage Telecom. In 4 months, he has already filed for a patent, created a new brand, and launched a new marketing strategy. Being in charge has its advantages, namely getting all of your ideas past the head of marketing.

English: A

On the same day Eric started his new job, I began teaching Junior English at Carroll Senior High School. I am combining my love of books with my creativity and bossiness. I love it, and it’s all worth it to hear a football player tell me he “loves poetry.” I even had a student paint my portrait as a project. He gave me eyebrows, so it was an automatic A.

Economics:  B-

While Eric’s job was a significant increase in responsibility and pay, suffice it to say, I went the other way. My job is enriching in other ways, none of which is salary, benefits, grading, administration, failure conferences, armed combatant training, or lesson planning. But it’s all worth it when the lightbulb goes on and students shout, “Wait, that’s irony,” and they’re mostly right.

Math: D

Last year I bought a new Christmas tree. The 8′ tree we had was overwhelmed by the 20′ ceilings. We finally hauled the new one out of its 3 boxes last weekend, and while a 12′ tree is appropriate in a 20′ room, it is not appropriate when your tallest family member is 5’9″.

Physical Education: B

Nate and Gus are bringing up the average here. Gus continues to compete in Tae Kwon Do tournaments, and he has joined a performance hip hop company in addition to his regular dance company schedule. Nate enjoys golf lessons, and spent 3 weeks in sailing camp on Crystal Lake in Michigan. He’ll be trying spring baseball this year.

I still teach yoga, but I’ve had to drop down to 1 class/week with my new schedule.

We also took a family ski trip to Breckenridge for spring break. Let’s just say I’m killing the family average here, though contributing significantly to the ongoing success of Advil.

Music: A+

Gus spent 3 weeks at a piano camp at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan this summer, and has already signed up for next year. The difference in his playing is remarkable. He plays piano for the middle school Jazz Band and percussion in the top concert band.

Nate continues his piano and guitar lessons, and has an impressive ability to play by ear. He was in 2 musical theater productions this year. His big frustration was having to prompt others with their lines. Amateurs.

Study Abroad: A+

This summer we were able to take a fantastic trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England with the boys and my mom. Everyone kept up with my punishing itinerary, and we were able to see quite a bit of countryside on both islands. The highlight was a visit to Castle Lachlan for the MacLachlan Clan Gathering near Inveraray.

Health: A

We’ve enjoyed another year of health and happiness. We’ve got no complaints, other than I have a hard time staying up past 9 pm.

Overall Score: Exceeds Expectations

We wish you all A+ holidays and a generous curve on 2015. Now for the filmstrip:


The Milhizers

3 thoughts on “Report Card: Milhizer 2014

  1. What a great report card! So happy to hear you are all healthy and happy. I wish you a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year! Take care!

  2. Glad to hear everyone is doing well. The reality is that it’s difficult to have a battle of the wits with the Head of Corporate Marketing, when your opponent is unarmed. Happy Holidays to all.

  3. Wow! Fantastic photography, Barbara, and the scenery was spectacular. Can’t believe how much the boys have grown! The pix of Ireland brought back fond memories and I recognized many of the places. Eric, Uncle Tom’s family is still working the Neenan farm in the West of Clare very near the Atlantic Ocean. Made me want to trade Italy for Ireland soon — not too soon tho! I have made many trips travelling Ireland some w/Uncle Tom, but most on my own with his family. They always welcome me “Home”.

    I wondered if the piano music was Gus. I know he’s very accomplished and hope to hear him when you are in Brighton next. Boys look fab in their kilts! Nate, looked like he kept busy too while Gus was in classes. What a fabulous opportunity for everybody to be up in Interlochen. Barb says Gus will be there all summer. Wow!

    Looks like Eric made sure the “malt” everywhere lived up to the hype. You all look wonderful and I enjoyed taking your journey with you. Glad to hear about the career changes and happy to hear you are both doing well in them. Eric, I was a Patent secretary for first 6 years of my “career” at General Motors – before I quit to have Deirdre. Can we just say boring. I worked for a chemical engineer who was wonderful but drawing the molecules into my typing for triphenylphosine was NO fun, 10 copies using carbon paper. Even working for Uncle Tom was more fun! PR was MUCH more fun. Congrats on the patent, that’s amazing!

    Thanks for sharing, I loved it all. Stay well and happy and I’ll look forward to seeing you in Michigan next year — hopefully.

    Aunty Marge

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