Last Bologna Days

Today we relaxed around the apartment in the morning and then went out to see the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna or the local fine art museum. I need to brush up on my saints and iconography, but I could recall all of the lectures from Professor Rand on the different schools and techniques through the Renaissance. I can remember that and 80s lyrics but not why I walked into the kitchen. Anyway, it was a great collection and the museum was nearly empty. We have noticed an increase in tourists lately. I suppose more and more Europeans are on their holidays–lots of French, Germans, and Brits. We sought out the very first restaurant where we had lunch on our first day. I remember my gnocchi with shrimp and zucchini was amazing. We try not to go to the same restaurants, but we made an exception for dinner. Typically, the meal would be at least 3-4 courses–antipasto, a pasta dish, and then a meat dish, with possibly a dessert. I don’t see how anyone could make it through all of that, even if you are there for 3 hours. So, Gus and I worked out a plan to split a pasta and a main and still have room for dessert. I asked in Italian if that were possible, and the waiter was probably so happy someone tried in Italian, we got the best service. They divided the plates for us but retained all of the presentation. We had seafood risotto (in Italy, you’re never more than 2 hours from a coastline somewhere, and the Adriatic is about 30 minutes away). It was amazing. It had clams, mussels, shrimp and octopus. I’ve never had better octopus–not rubbery at all. Then we had a beef fillet which was stuffed with parmesan cheese and coated in broccoli rabe. Gus had the lemon cake, and I got the tiramisu. Both were amazing. Tomorrow is for packing, last sights, and to-dos, and finally Interstellar on the movie screen under the stars as we say good-bye to Bologna and are on to Phase III of the adventure.

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