Funny Rocks

Today was going to be a beautiful, clear day and a little cooler after the rain last night, so I went on another gondola adventure. Eric and Nate were arriving at 4:30, so I had time to go to Oberbozen and the Renon plateau to hike to the Earth pyramids, which are these interesting rock formations. They are rocks that have been weathered into spindly cones with a boulder on top. The way the weathering pattern works is that it erodes the sides and not the top. We saw something similar in Turkey in Cappadoccia. At any rate, it involved another gondola to the top of the mountain, a historic train, and then a 30-minute walk. Again, everything was stunning, and the haze burned off a bit for some clearer pictures. Eric and Nate made it just fine after a flight, a taxi, and a train–tired but glad to be here and ready for some time in the mountains. First order of business was some Italian pizza for Nate. Now, it is a matter of trying to keep them up until 10pm. I’m having more luck with Nate than Eric.

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