Today was a bit drizzly, which brought a welcome respite from the heat. That didn’t stop us from making use of our mobile card pass. We took the 45-minute train ride to the lovely city of Trento, probably most famous for its role in the establishment of the counter-reformation and the revival of the Catholic church in the 16th century. Though it had been part of the land deal giving part of Austria to Italy at the close of WWI, it is distinctly Italian compared to towns farther north. We started at Tridentum, which is basically a Roman ruin discovered under one of the main piazzas of the town. The Roman town was discovered to have sophisticated sewage and drainage systems (complete with a hatch for inspection & the world’s first manhole cover) and heated floors. We then went to the Castel Buonconsiglio which has been home to Trento’s princes and host to important events from the 8th century. It’s a lovely compound of layering architectural styles. One of its most famous attractions is its cycle of months medieval frescoes in one of the towers. Tomorrow we are on the hunt for the best apfelstrudel in Bolzano and some shopping in the outdoor market. Weather permitting on Tuesday, we might head up to Innsbruck.

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