Last year, Alessandro had taken us to Bressanone, and there was an abbey where nuns had been making wine for 900 years. They had a wonderful restaurant, where they grew all of the fruits and vegetables and served a delicious assortment of meats and cheeses. We decided to take a 30-minute train ride to have lunch there and wander around the charming town. It was a bit cloudy when we arrived, but the monastery was as beautiful as I remembered, the lunch just as tasty, and the wine particularly good. We wandered around the convent for a while and then took the bus back down toward Bressanone where we found a Lego store. Nate has a long tradition of buying Legos wherever we go. Eric was worried about leaving Italy without having had gelato, so we split a pistachio and hazelnut caramel sundae. We headed back to Bolzano in time to try the all-bruschetta bar since we were not all that hungry. It was really delightful. There is something about the tomatoes here that makes them so much better than at home. It was so pleasant sitting outside, it was almost chilly. Tomorrow Nate wants to do one more cable car up the mountains, so I think I’ll take them to Ortisei and try the cable car on the other side of town that I haven’t done yet. Then it will be time to pack up. Eric and Nate head back on Sunday to Venice and then Dallas, and I go pick up Gus in Bologna. Gus had his recital today and reports that it went very well. He has gotten so much out of these 2 weeks. We certainly miss him, but it has been a worthwhile experience all the way around.

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