Wet Wall

Today Gus and I struck out on a self-guided Luzern walking tour–the wooden bridges, the Jesuit and Hofkirche, and along the medieval walls surrounding the city. We didn’t make it to Wagner’s house before it started to thunderstorm and pour, so much so that our socks and shoes were soaked. So, we spent the afternoon in a cafe having tea and back at the hotel doing a little work/napping while they dried out. Ok, the napping was me. We had a lovely dinner of Swiss specialties– fondue and bratwurst for me and raclette for Gus (which was melted cheese with various items in it–potatoes, pickles, onions). The restaurant had been around since 1602 and had a great atmosphere, although it was primarily tourists tonight. Our waitress didn’t actually speak German. I think she was hired to speak to the Asian clients. She had to speak English. Eventually,  she traded out with the manager after she admitted it was her 2nd day, and she hadn’t understood anything I had asked for in German. Once we got on track, the meal was great. Of course, we had the molten chocolate cake. A goal for tomorrow is to do some chocolate shopping and hopefully make it to Wagner’s house before we head off to Frankfurt for our flight home on Thursday. This whole 5+ weeks of adventure has been amazing, and I’m thankful that I have a family, job, and support system that has allowed the whole family to be a part of it in some fashion. I can’t believe school starts for me next week. I guess I’ll have to think about that on Friday.  

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