I just found out Northwestern is playing in a bowl game–the 10th time in school history! And it’s in Houston, close enough to travel. And it’s a team that doesn’t tend to show up for the second half! And it’s the Meineke Car Care Bowl?

I hate to tell Meineke this, but hosting NU in your bowl is pretty much the kiss of death for your company. Last year we were at the Ticket City Bowl. Ever hear of them? Exactly.

I’m just wondering who the bowl committee turned down in favor of Meineke. Was Chess King too demanding? Couldn’t get the Head-On, the roll on headache relief people on board?

I’m sure Meineke is full of nice people and a decent business model, but I would have liked to have been in that marketing meeting, trying to get the corporate executives on board. “I know, we can sponsor a bowl game with 2 mediocre teams and triangulate our prime demographic, people who drive cars!” On second thought, I’m sure anyone watching it will find it’s as good a time as any to get an oil change and rotate the tires about 4 minutes in.

One of Meineke’s tag lines is “we know exhaust.” So do I, Meineke. So, do I.

Umm, Go Cats?

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