Tweet Nothings

Dear Friends and Family,

Once again it’s time to reflect on the preceding year, which seems to have marched out of our lives with exceptional haste. We seem to out-do ourselves with the activity level every year. With that in mind, and since Twitter is the new government-sanctioned means of communicating vital information and policy, here’s the Milhizer year in review in bite-sized chunks. Enjoy.


That about says it. Twenty seventeen was full of adventures for all—new school for Nate, new job for Eric, piano competitions for Gus, new sport for Barbara and travels to Scotland, England, Boston, and Michigan for 7 weeks in the summer. Twenty eighteen promises to be equally as busy. Now that it has launched, hopefully Pogo Energy will continue to grow. Gus plays as a finalist in a concerto competition in January. We are traveling to the Northeast to visit college music programs over spring break, and we are looking to take a big family trip in June. We also hope to spend as many weeks in Northern Michigan this summer as we can. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and happy 2018.


The Milhizers

Obligatory Slide Show



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