Snooty Slack

It has been kindly brought to my attention that my posts have been non-existent of late. Apparently I’m not meeting your needs. You’re so demanding. Though I get hundreds of page hits and regular readers, few will deign to grace my blog with the crumbs of a comment. Even fewer sign up to receive a feed, “like” snooty on Facebook, or acknowledge sometimes I just need a hug. Well, ok, I don’t really do hugs, but you get the point.

I’m BUSY, people. Don’t get all up in my stuff about it. This blogging thing isn’t paying the bills. Though your lack of attention renders you completely unworthy, I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve been on week-long reconnaissance tour of the midwest, scouring for snoot nuggets. Prepare to be snooted.


4 thoughts on “Snooty Slack

  1. Oh, just because it doesn’t pay any bills or anything, you think you can just neglect this blog and leave us hanging. Well, I’ll have you know…


    …actually, that makes a lot of sense. But I DO look forward to when more regular posts happen (I’m sure my blog readers feel the same…at least, I HOPE they do…)

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