Crazy Pique

I have a new obsession. It’s something I call “Peek o’ Crazy” It is a glimpse into the void that is the mind of the general public. Here’s how it works…

1. Open a browser with Google

2. Start to type in an open ended question, like, “What would you say if…”

3. Stare bat-shit in the face.

4. Repeat for hours of fun.

Just a sample of what I was able to turn up in a few minutes…

What should I be…doing right now? Well, here’s a suggestion…Try to make Siri cry by telling her that that Google has been talking smack and you’ve only got eyes for Majel. Alternatively, back away from the computer.

Why won’t…God heal amputees? Really, you get one question about God and that’s what you’re going with. Are you serious?

What makes you think…I won’t cut you? Whoa, ok. Issues. Moving on.

Why does… my cat lick me? I’m going out on a limb to guess the asker is the same one who asked, “What should I be doing right now?” Assuming that’s the case then we can safely assume said asker is 200 pounds overweight, subsists on Ben & Jerry’s, has a deathly pallor and the cat probably rightly thinks is close to a sudden demise. Besides, the cat already googled, “Do cats…eat humans?”  (I’m not kidding, it comes as number #5). And Fluffy knows the answer.

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