Play Ball

I guess it’s opening day for baseball. You’ll recall I don’t love baseball, and I don’t consider it a sport. And it’s not just me. Baseball bills itself as “America’s Pastime”. Your words, Baseball, not mine.

I am a great fan of World Cup and the Olympics, so since I can only muster interest in sports approximately every 2 years, I have to have some way to pass the time while my vuvuzuela is in repose. There is one thing sports-related that I am a connoisseur of, and that is the sports movie. The sports movie is often better than the sport itself. I will even argue that so boring a pastime as baseball has produced the most delicious crop of sports-ish (I’ll go that far) movies.

Best “Sports” Movies from a Pastime

  1. The Natural
  2. The Bad News Bears
  3. A League of their Own
  4. Field of Dreams
  5. A River Runs Through It (if baseball counts, so must fly fishing)
Best Sports Movies
  1. Seabiscuit
  2. Victory
  3. Breaking Away
  4. Remember the Titans and We are Marshall*
  5. Friday Night Lights
  6. Bend it like Beckham (girl power and British!)

*These 2 are conflated in my head. I think they are essentially the same movie.

Best Sports Movies from Sports I don’t care for, but still qualify as Sports
  1. Hoosiers
  2. Rocky
  3. Million Dollar Baby
A Bone for my Husband
  1. Brian’s Song (haven’t seen it)

Decidedly not on the List

  1. The Legend of Bagger Vance**
  2. Caddyshack***
  3. Moneyball (I could tell this was a much better book)
**I don’t have anything against this movie. I remember sort of liking it, but apparently it stirs up great ire from my friend, and fellow blogger John. He went off on a 2 part diatribe about a movie from 12 years ago. Ugly.
*** I was late in seeing this one, and by the time I did, all of the jokes were played. And they still are. Please, in the name of all that’s holy, stop quoting this movie.
Really Can’t Comment on the Following (I either haven’t seen these or they didn’t leave a big impression)
  1. Raging Bull
  2. Chairots of Fire
 No List Would be Complete Without
  1. Blades of Glory
  2. Nacho Libre